Call 'Waiting for Maker Faire

LOIC Zagarolo Active Space

Lazio Innova


Training project realised in cooperation with the Sinergie Social Promotion Association within the framework of the Alternating School-Working with some students from ITIS 'George Boole' in Genazzano.

The study of the operating principles of a photovoltaic panel was aimed at participating in the 'Waiting for Maker Faire' contest, organised by the Lazio Region and Innova Camera for to promote the design energies of its territory, involving in a participative process all those actors who know how to represent the potential for innovation in the various sectors.

'Girasolare' is a project designed, researched and prototyped with
the technical support of Tecnoseta srl, using technologies
for Digital Manufacturing made available by FabLab. It obtained the 2ND PRIZE in the Spazio Attivo LOIC competition in Zagarolo and was EXHIBITED ON THE STAND OF THE LAZIO REGION at Maker Faire Rome 2019.

At the heart of the system is a dual pair of photosensors that, through the processing of data transmitted to a controller mounted on a specially designed PCB, allow
to always orient the panel towards the sun by rotating it on two axes, one vertical and one horizontal. The programme for the system was entirely written by the students in Alternanza.

Ability to interact with its environment, re-entering its box when it perceives adverse weather conditions. 

Photovoltaic panel always directed towards the sun, so as to capture maximum radiant energy at all times of the day.

Compact system to minimise human intervention and maximise production of

- The prototyping and programming phases of the system. 

- The exhibition to the jury in the Spazio Attivo LOIC competition in Zagarolo.
- The presentation at the Regione Lazio stand at Maker Faire Rome 2019.


The project on display at the Lazio Region stand at Maker Faire Rome 2019

The 'Girasolare' solar tracking panel was included in the catalogue of projects and prototypes that won the 'Waiting for Maker Faire' Call for Regional Active Spaces and were exhibited at the Lazio Region stand at Maker Faire Rome - The EU Edition 2019. 

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