Silk thread production process

Vocational training courses for the management of the entire silk thread production process and the acquisition of skills in cocoon maceration, burr treatment and the production of raw silk skeins 20/22 DEN.

The courses are based on a theoretical-practical teaching methodology, which alternates between lectures and direct work experience, so that notions are transmitted more effectively.

The advanced course and the specialisation course use the innovative line of machinery developed by Tecnoseta srl to automate the different stages of silk thread production.

Discover our line of machinery for producing silk thread




Propaedeutics of the silk production process

Theoretical course on chemical and physical principles, technical aspects and methodologies involved in the different stages of the silk thread production process.

The basic course conveys the technical knowledge necessary to understand the process and to handle the different cases and possible fluctuations in production parameters due to the natural conformation of the cocoons.



Practical management of the silk thread production process

Training course and practical experience on the processes of producing silk thread from cocoons.

The advanced course conveys the professional skills required to produce a high quality 20/22 DEN raw silk thread and to manage product and process innovations in the steps of maceration, reeling, re-reeling.



Advanced management of process and product innovations for silk

Practical course for the development of specific professional skills and for the independent management of silk thread production processes: retting, reeling and re-reeling.

The specialisation course offers the opportunity to learn more about all stages, process innovations and production technologies of 20/22 DEN raw silk yarn.

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