Transversal Skills and Orientation Pathways

Tecnoseta is a member of National Register for Work-School Alternation from 2019 and offers students from Higher Education Institutions two training experiences valid for PCTO projects:


The course focuses on analysing the potential offered by the Industry 4.0 technologies and on the study of hardware and software systems that are the foundations of the new digital paradigm and that, inserted into a traditional production model, innovate its principles and operating models with a view to production digitisation.

Starting with a study of the components of the automation systems developed by Tecnoseta for the production of silk thread, the activity aims to bring the students closer to the digital technologies of the Digital Manufacturing and to guide them in the development of skills


The course addresses the issues of innovation, sustainability and traceability in the agricultural sector of the silk chain, which is used for cocoon production, and offers insights into the opportunities for sustainable development brought about by the revival of a territorial tradition in an innovative key.

Starting with direct experience in the field in the harvesting of mulberry leaves and the care of silkworms in breeding, the activity aims to familiarise children with the different stages of the jasicultureeducate them to respect environmental resources and acquire new skills

To define PCTO projects, establishing the programme for each activitythe training objectives, the time frame, the number of hours and the number of students involved.

Gli studenti dell'ITIS di Genazzano al Maker Faire Rome, a conclusione del progetto PCTO
Genazzano ITIS students at Maker Faire Rome to conclude PCTO project

Alternanza Scuola - Lavoro is an educational experience that combines knowledge and know-how, orients young people's aspirations and opens up education to the outside world."

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