TECNOSETA s.r.l. is a SILK INDUSTRY RECONSTRUCTION AND INNOVATION PROJECT with the aim of relaunch the production of 100% Made in Italy silk thread.

Tecnoseta s.r.l. was established in Zagarolo (Rome) in May 2019, is a female-led innovative startup registered with the Rome Business Register and incubated between 2019 and 2022 at Lazio Innova's LOIC Zagarolo Active Space for the Lazio Region.

Tecnoseta is the owner of the TECNOSETA® trademark.

Professionality | Commitment | Passion

Our Team


High school diploma in science.

Head of R&D.

Skills: CAD design, 3D modeling, PCB design, microcontroller software programming, gelsibachiculture management, stakeholder relationship management.


Master's degree in art history.

Business management and planning manager.

Skills: sericulture management, silk thread production process management, machinery testing, design for funding calls, communication and marketing.


Bachelor's degree in Modern History.

Responsible for administration and financial management.

Skills: business plan planning, financial resource monitoring, investment management, business administration.


Company Focus


Tecnoseta has developed a line of innovative machinery with high technological value for the production of “drawn” silk thread , with management and control of the production process using Industry 4.0 technologies.

The line is made up of several machines with integrated functions, each dedicated to a production step: vacuum macerator, reeling reel, re-reeling, winder, twisting machine.


  • automation of the production process;
  • low energy consumption;
  • predisposition for operation with clean energy, such as photovoltaic;
  • high production performances even on small volumes;
  • modularity based on production needs;
  • low footprint;
  • solutions and systems of security (CE mark).


The services are aimed at operators in the various links of the silk supply chain.

Technical consultancy for the start-up and management of mulberry and sericulture cultivation:

  • planting and cultivation of a mulberry grove;
  • good silkworm breeding practices;
  • drying and storage of cocoons.

After-sales services:

  • system programming and updating;
  • technical assistance.

Transfer of know-how and support for innovation in the production process:

  • training for the reeling of burrs and the production of raw silk skeins;
  • training for the production of twisted silk thread.

Our innovation project

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